Is My Cat Spoiled?

If you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes! We cat lovers pamper our cats at every opportunity because it gives us joy. A purring cat is music to our ears. It obviously gives the cat great joy. But is this a problem?

What do we mean by spoiled?

The adjective comes from the verb spoil, meaning “ruin” or “destroy”; the idea was that giving in to a cat’s every whim would ruin him or her. A spoiled cat might enjoy the best cat food available, or may get copious amounts of affection from their owner. They might enjoy the finest beds and furniture.

Is spoiled the same as pampered?

I think the difference is whether the cat is doing things it knows you wish it didn’t. A pampered cat is just very well taken care of. One definition says a spoiled cat exhibits bad behaviors. We think the lines are a bit blurred.

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What is spoiled cat behavior?

Jumping on top of counters, chewing on wires, urinating outside of the litter box (spraying), and scratching household items that are not designed to be scratched are all common unwanted cat behaviors.

Eating to the point of obesity is another clue. Some of these behaviors are natural reactions to a cat’s environment, while others are simply bad habits. Regardless of what bad or unwanted behavior your cat is demonstrating, you probably want to stop it.

Symptoms of a spoiled cat

Many cat owners have been accused of giving too much attention to their pets. People will argue that these well-intended owners are actually “spoiling? their cats by going out of their way to show them attention and concern. Is this a valid concern? Can one truly pamper their cat too much?

The wise among us tell us to practice moderation in all things. The same, it would seem, should apply to cat pampering. At some point, too much pampering surely occurs, spoiling a cat and creating a needy animal. However, compared with other pets (most notably dogs), there is a wide margin of error with cats. Most of those who pamper their cats will see far greater benefits from their efforts than they will detriments.

Is it always a bad thing to be spoiled? No, not necessarily.

How to purposely spoil your cat

  1. Whip up some do-it-yourself cat treats.
  2. Get your cat a new toy.
  3. Give your cat a relaxing massage.
  4. Groom your cat.
  5. Provide new hiding places.
  6. Do a photoshoot.

Spoiled cat gifts

Cats love gifts just like humans do. A new toy helps to alleviate boredom in our feline friends. We have many recommendations on this site for suggested cat gifts.

spoiled cat
My spoiled cat

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