7 Signs Your Cat is Spoiled

Is your cat spoiled?

  1. There is food and water in several rooms so she doesn’t have too far to go to eat or drink. Half your life is spent refilling these bowls.
  2. You sleep in a tiny sliver in your king-sized bed because the kitty has stretched out width-wise, hampering any movement.
  3. Every window is decorated and arranged so that your precious baby can have unobstructed views from whatever perch they choose.
  4. You have full conversations with your cat about what they want to eat and when. “Are you hungry? Do you like this? NO? How about this?”
  5. You leave cardboard boxes throughout your house because the kitty “sometimes likes to sit in them”.
  6. You worry that houseguests will disrupt your kitty’s schedule.
  7. Your kitty has NASA quality lasers to chase.
Our Spoiled Cats
Our Spoiled Cats

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