10 Interesting Cat Facts

  1. Cats can usually jump 5 times their height and six times their length.
  2. They are the most common pet in the USA, outnumbering dogs by 88 million to 74 million.
  3. A group of cats is known as a clowder.
  4. They spend roughly 70% of their lives asleep. A typical cat will sleep between 13 and 14 hours per day on average.
  5. Male cats are called toms. Females are called queens or mollies. Male cats are more likely to be left-pawed, while female cats are more likely to be right-pawed.
  6. Domesticated cats have been around since 3,600 B.C.
  7. A person who loves cats is called an ailurophile.
  8. Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans, not with other cats. They meow at the pitch of a human baby to attract attention when they are hungry or want something.
  9. Cats have 230 bones, while humans only have 206.
  10. They can hear much higher sound pitches than humans. While humans can hear frequencies of up to 20 kHz, cats can hear frequencies of up to 64kHz. This helps them to locate rodents and other small animals when hunting.

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