7 Signs Your Cat is Spoiled

cartoon cat

Is your cat spoiled? There is food and water in several rooms so she doesn’t have too far to go to eat or drink. Half your life is spent refilling these bowls. You sleep in a tiny sliver in your king-sized bed because the kitty has stretched out width-wise, hampering any movement. Every window is … Read more

10 Interesting Cat Facts

Pampered cat

Cats can usually jump 5 times their height and six times their length. They are the most common pet in the USA, outnumbering dogs by 88 million to 74 million. A group of cats is known as a clowder. They spend roughly 70% of their lives asleep. A typical cat will sleep between 13 and … Read more

Spoiled Orange Cats

Our Spoiled Cats

This is my 1st spoiled cat Leo. He is VERY well fed. And his brother, Jeremy (although they are not related). Orange cats include the classic pattern, mackerel pattern, striped pattern, and ticked pattern. Orange tabbies don’t all present in the exact same hue but will have some variation of a reddish, orange, and/or cream-colored … Read more